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The Kansas State Board of Nursing's Web Page is a free service intended to provide useful information regarding RNs, LPNs, LMHTs and the practice of nursing in the State of Kansas. While the Board strives to provide accurate and reliable information, the Board does not warrant the accuracy of every item of information provided online and accepts no liability for damages of any kind resulting from reliance on this information.

KSBN does not endorse any of the products, vendors, consultants, external web sites or documentation referenced in this web site. Any mention of vendors, products, or services is for informational purposes only.

KSBN has made every effort to make the domain accessible to every user in accordance with the Information Technology Policy 1210 - State of Kansas Web Accessibility Requirements .

The KSBN's Online Services are an optional service provided for licensees convenience.  Users should make sure that they receive and print the confirmation of the processes.  The Board does not warrant the accuracy of these service and is not liable for damages or errors occurring in this process.  Damages and error may include but are not limited to, lost or stolen PIN numbers, disconnects during processing.

The Kansas State Board of Nursing Page contained in the website at is the official verification website of the Kansas State Board of Nursing. The website receives the Kansas State Board of Nursing information directly from the Kansas State Board of Nursing database and is protected from alteration by unauthorized individuals by using encryption technology. The Kansas State Board of Nursing Page is considered a primary source for Kansas State Board of Nursing data—it is the same information the Kansas State Board of Nursing provides through other means and is true and complete to the best of our knowledge.

I understand that by using this service, I am waiving any and all rights I may have against this Board and any of its officers, members, or employees arising out of use of and/or reliance on this information. 

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