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Home > Finger Print Frequently Asked Questions

Finger Print Frequently Asked Questions

Most Frequently Asked Finger Print Questions

Q: Can I get my fingerprints done at my local police station?

A: Yes, any Law Enforcement agency that is authorized to take prints is acceptable.

Q:  Who mails my fingerprint card once my prints have been taken?

A: The law enforcement agency that takes the prints should mail them to KSBN in the self addressed stamped envelope you provide.

Q: What if my local law enforcement agency won't mail my fingerprints in?

A: Find another law enforcement agency.

Q: Will I be charged a fee by the law enforcement agency to take my fingerprints?

A. You may be charged an additional fee by the law enforcement agency for the fingerprinting service.

Q: Do I have to write two checks for the fingerprint fee and application fee?

A: You may write one check for the total of the application fee and the fingerprint fee for the background check.

Q: I forgot to enclose my fingerprint fee with my fingerprint card. Can I give you my credit card information?

A: No, you must mail in a check or money order to cover the cost of conducting the background check.

Q: How long does it take to get my background report completed once you have my fingerprints?

A: Fingerprints will be sent to the Kansas Bureau of Investigation and will be returned to KSBN within 5 -10 business days. Processing may take longer if a name search is required.

Q: I just had a background check done at my school/for licensure in another state. Why do I have to repeat the process?

A: You must repeat the background check in Kansas so we can obtain a state check as well as a federal background check.

Q: If I apply for an endorsement into Kansas now and submit my application for advanced practice in a few months, will I need my fingerprints retaken?

A: Not if the Advance Practice Application is completed within 6 months of the original fingerprints.

Q: My local police department says they only do live scans. Will those be accepted in your office?

A: No, we do not have the ability to receive fingerprints from other agencies electronically.

Q: Does my fingerprint card need to be mailed along with my application or directly from the police department?

A: The fingerprint card, and waiver signed by the individual taking prints, must be mailed from the police department in a 9x12 stamped envelope addressed to KSBN. The envelope is provided by the applicant.

Q: What are the hours for taking fingerprints in the office?

A: We take appointments for fingerprints. Hours are 8:30 to 3:30, Monday thru Friday except for State Holidays. If you walk in without an appointment, there may be a wait.

Q: How much does it cost to have fingerprints taken in your office?

A: The cost for taking prints in our office is $7.50. You may pay with exact cash, personal check, or money order. We must have your application in our office to take your prints.

Q: I requested a fingerprint card from your office and it was bent in the mail. Can I still use this card?

A: No, the fingerprint card can not be processed if it has been bent. Contact KSBN for another fingerprint card.

Q: My local police department wants to use their own card for my prints. What do I do since your form says they must be done on the KSBN card?

A: Use the KSBN fingerprinting card.

Q: I failed my NCLEX. Do I need to submit another fingerprint card with my new application?

A: Your fingerprints are good for 6 months from when they are taken. If you do not successfully pass the NCLEX within the 6 month timeframe your fingerprints will need to be re-taken.

Q: My school mentioned having law enforcement come in to take our fingerprints. Is that acceptable?

A: Yes, the school must mail the fingerprints to the KSBN office.

Q: Who is authorized to take my fingerprints?

A: Any law enforcement agent who is authorized to take fingerprints.


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