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 Education eligibility requirements for examination

All Graduates must complete an approved RN or LPN nursing education program. Upon completion of a nursing education program, in or out of the state of Kansas candidates must complete the following items prior to obtaining an approval to test:

The following must be completed to receive approval to sit for the RN or LPN examination, interested applicant must:

  • Complete the registration process with Pearson Vue (pay $200 fee).
  • Complete the online registration/application and pay the applicable application fee (LPN fee $50 and RN fee $75) for the Kansas Board of Nursing Website.  
  • A “test before transcript” form can be submitted by your nursing program to allow you to test prior to graduation or receipt of official transcript upon graduation.

All applicants must provide proof of completion/graduation from an approved nursing education program. The transcript must include the following:

  • Legal Name (first, middle (if applicable) and last)
  • Degree Awarded
  • Date of graduation and degree earned

Contact your nursing program to send an official transcript by one of the following means, KSBN accepts:  

  • Electronic transcripts can be sent DIRECTLY to the KSBN by your nursing program using Parchment or National Student Clearinghouse; or
  • Official transcripts mailed directly from your nursing program to the KSBN office at the below address:

Kansas State Board of Nursing
Landon State Office Building
900 SW Jackson, Suite 1051
Topeka, KS 66612

ALL applicants must complete a criminal background check prior to the issuance of a license.

The criminal background check is required for licensure only; it does not affect an applicant’s ability to schedule their examination.

Please be advised:

Name: Use the same name to apply with KSBN and register with Pearson Vue. Do not use nicknames. If you do not have a middle name, leave the field blank. If you have just an initial for a first or middle name, write just the initial in the corresponding field.

The examination application is not yet optimized for mobile devices. As a result, we recommend using a desktop computer.

Licensure by Exam Fees:

Examination fee:

  • $50 – LPN (pay to KSBN)
  • $75 – RN (pay to KSBN)

Background check fee:

  • $48 (pay to KSBN)

Valid forms of payment:

Online Applications:       

  • Credit or Debit Card; Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express
  • Electronic Check

After successful completion (including approval of payment), you’ll receive a confirmation page. You will have the option to print the confirmation. YOU NEED TO PRINT THIS FOR YOUR RECORDS AND AS RECEIPT OF PAYMENT.

Exam Requirements:

  • Online Application for Exam, application fee paid
  • Completed “Test Before Transcript” form or Official Transcript, received by KSBN directly from your nursing program
  • Registration and payment of examination fee paid to Pearson Vue

Social Security Number Required

All applicants seeking licensure by KSBN, must have a valid social security number to be issued a license to practice nursing. While making application for a Social Security number, you may take the examination. No license will be granted until proof of the Social Security number is submitted to Kansas State Board of Nursing.

Mailing Address

Kansas State Board of Nursing
Landon State Office Building
900 SW Jackson, Ste 1051
Topeka, KS 66612

All applicants/licensees are required to notify KSBN within 30 days of a name or address change pursuant to K.S.A. 65-1117 and K.A.R. 60-7-103.

A Criminal Background Check is REQUIRED

All applicants must submit fingerprints for a criminal background check and be approved prior to issuance of license. The cost for a criminal background check is $48. There are two options to be fingerprinted for your background check:

  • You may contact the KSBN office to have a live scan of your prints done for an additional $7.50. Call 785-296-3375 and schedule an appointment, fingerprints are done Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 3:30 pm.
  • Or contact KSBN at Request Fingerprint Packet to have a fingerprint card and waivers be mailed to you. Fingerprints must be performed by trained law enforcement personnel. Contact your local sheriff or police station for assistance and additional details.

Pursuant to K.A.R. 60-3-107: Applications for initial licensure by examination while waiting for documentation of qualifications shall be active for six months.

  • The expiration of each application shall be based upon the date of receipt at the agency.
  • Once the application has expired, each individual seeking licensure shall file a new application along with the appropriate fee as prescribed by K.A.R. 60-4-101.

Request for Testing Accommodations must be submitted within 15 calendar days of the application being submitted. 

Requirements are as follows:

  • Examination candidates may request special accommodations for taking the examination. A letter from the applicant requesting special accommodations and the accompanying documentation for the need of the accommodations must be submitted to Kansas Board of Nursing.
  • Documentation must include a written report of an evaluation (educational, psychological or physical) within the proceeding five (5) years from a licensed professional which states a diagnosis of the disability, describes the disability, and recommends specific accommodations. If testing was completed more than two (2) years  prior to this request, a physician or psychologist must provide a summary stating why current testing is not needed (e.g., the disability does not change over time and new testing would not reveal new information).

                Documentation Must include the following:

  • A diagnosis by a licensed professional must be included in the documentation;
  • A history of the disability and any past accommodation granted to the candidate and a description of its impact on the individual’s functioning;
  • Identification of the specific standardized and professionally recognized test/assessment given (e.g. Woodcock-Johnson, Weschler Adult Intelligence Scale);
  • The scores resulting from testing, interpretation of the scores and evaluations; and
  • Recommendations for testing accommodations with a stated rationale as to why the requested accommodation is necessary and appropriate for the diagnosed disability (NCSBN 2007).
  • A written statement from the candidate’s Nursing Program Director (or designee) which describes any testing accommodations granted while the student was enrolled in the program.

Internationally Educated Applicants

K.A.R. 60-3-106: Licensure Qualifications.

(a)    As part of the application process, each individual applying for licensure in Kansas who is a graduate of a foreign nursing program shall submit that individual’s education and licensure credentials for evaluation to the commission on graduates of foreign nursing programs (CGFNS) or some other credentialing agency approved by the board.
(b)    Any individual applying for licensure in Kansas who is a graduate of a foreign nursing program in which instruction was not in English may be granted a license if the individual meets all other requirements for licensure in effect at the time of application and shows proof of proficiency in English by passing any of the following:

(1)   The test of English as a foreign language and the test of spoken English; OR
(2)   Similar examinations, as approved by the KSBN.

KSBN requirements for licensure by examination for applicants who were educated outside of the United States:

  • Proof of Education (via CGFNS evaluation of your education)
  • Valid Social Security Number
  • Satisfactory criminal background check

Step One: Documentation of Education

Graduates of an International Nursing Education Program

KSBN requires the evaluation of education and nursing licenses outside of the United States be evaluated by an approved credentialing agency and the report be sent directly to the Kansas State Board of Nursing from the credentialing agency.

The currently approved credentialing agency by the KSBN is:

Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS)
3600 Market Street, Suite 400
Philadelphia, PA 19104-2651
Phone 215.349.8767

Step Two: English Proficiency Examination

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL):

  • If you’re primary language was not English or if your nursing education was not taught in English using English textbooks you must show proficiency in oral and written English.
  • Complete the TOEFL exam. It is an internet-based exam. A paper-based version of the exam is available in areas where internet based testing is not possible.
  • The KSBN has approved the following scores for the TOEFL Exam:

Minimum Scores:
Writing      20
Speaking    20
Reading   19
Listening   20


The testing company is:

TOEFL Publications
PO Box 6154
Princeton, NJ 08541-6154
Phone 609.771.7100

The test is given in several locations in Kansas and many other locations in the United States.

  • Request TOEFL results be sent directly to Kansas State Board of Nursing by using code number 9149 in the results reporting list. For more information go to TOEFL.

Copies of the CGFNS professional report (education evaluation) or TOEFL (English proficiency examination) will NOT be accepted from the applicant, the official agencies must send report directly to KSBN.

Step Three: Complete the application for examination

Access the KSBN Online Application Portal and submit an application and pay the required application fee.

Step Four: Register for the Examination with Pearson Vue

The National Council of State Boards of Nursing has contracted with Pearson Vue to give the examination. Candidates must register to take the examination with Pearson Vue.

Step Five: Select a date with Pearson Vue for the Examination

PEARSON VUE WILL SEND YOU AN AUTHORIZATION TO TEST (ATT), by email if you have provided an email address on your registration, otherwise, it will be sent by mail. Your ATT will provide instructions on scheduling your examination. You must have your ATT prior to scheduling an appointment to take the Examination.

Legal – Misdemeanor/Felony/Disciplinary Action

Convictions: If you have been convicted of a misdemeanor and/or felony, specific certified/dated copies of court documents (for EACH) conviction are REQUIRED and must be mailed to KSBN. The certified/dated copies must be current (dated within 3 months of submission). Without receipt of the REQUIRED documents, the application is considered incomplete and may result in a denial of licensure.

Please note: A successfully completed court-ordered Diversion is NOT a conviction, and DOES NOT need to be reported to KSBN. Also note that different courts may use different titles for similar court documents.

The following list is not all inclusive but represents the types of court documents that can be obtained from the office of the Clerk of the Court where the conviction(s) occurred – City (municipal), county (district/circuit) or federal court.

  • Uniform Notice to Appear and Complaint (e.g. ticket), Complaint/Petition or Indictment:
  • DO NOT submit information regarding speeding or parking tickets.
  • Amended Complaint/Petition or Indictment (indicates charges were increased/decreased from the original charges)
  • Journal Entry of Judgment (Conviction) and Sentencing (this may be on the back side of the ticket or a separate piece of paper entitled “Journal Entry”
  • Probation Agreement (if any) and current status
  • Diversion Agreement (if any) and current status
  • Proof that all fines, fees, costs and/or restitution have been paid or record of payment to date

Example of things to report to the board:

Subject to reporting:

  • All felonies.

And the following categories of misdemeanor are subject to be reported:

  • Alcohol;
  • any drugs;
  • deceit;
  • dishonesty;
  • endangerment of a child or vulnerable adult;
  • falsification;
  • fraud;
  • misrepresentation;
  • physical, emotional, financial, or sexual exploitation of a child or vulnerable adult;
  • physical or verbal abuse;
  • theft;
  • violation of a protection from abuse order or protection from stalking order; or any action arising out of a violation of any state or federal regulation.

DISCIPLINARY ACTION: If you have been disciplined by any Board (e.g. professional licensure) or governmental agency (e.g. Department of Aging and Disability Services  regarding CNA and HHA certification, Department of Revenue regarding a driver’s license suspension, cancellation and/or revocation for any reason) you are REQUIRED to provide  certified/dated copy of that Board order or disciplinary/administrative action. You may obtain a copy of your current Driver’s record by going to any driver’s license exam station with a current photo ID and request the document. (A small fee is usually charged for a copy of your driving record.)

EXPLANATORY LETTER: You are REQUIRED to submit an explanatory letter regarding EACH conviction and/or disciplinary/administrative action. The letter should include the following information:

  • Date of the criminal offense or disciplinary action;
  • Circumstances leading up to the arrest or disciplinary/administrative action;
  • Actual conviction or disciplinary/administrative action;
  • Actual sentence or board/regulatory agency order;
  • Current status of sentence of order; and
  • Rehabilitation (if any).

Legal Questions on Application

If you answer yes to question(s) on the application or have a criminal history on your background/history, the required documentation must be received by KSBN or it will be considered incomplete and cannot be processed by the KSBN.

If you have questions about the conviction or disciplinary action requirements, please contact the Kansas State Board of Nursing Legal Department at 785.296.1817.

Check Application Status

Access the KSBN website and click on “check status of application”, log in and locate the license application type in which you submitted, and then click “View Checklist”.  When a requirement for licensure has been received it will be marked “complete” with the date it was processed. Should an item still say “unchecked” , this means the information has not been received by KSBN or it has not been processed yet (please allow 3-5 business days) by the KSBN.

Please be advised“not applicable” means the particular item is NOT required or needed.


Any applicant that has been unsuccessful in passing the examination may take subsequent examinations. The frequency of testing is determined by the National Council State Board of Nursing. There is a 45 day waiting period to retest. Applicants can schedule an examination, but will be unable to reserve a test date earlier than the 46th day after the last examination date.

Prior to each re-examination, candidates are required to obtain an Authorization to Test (ATT). To obtain an ATT, the following must be completed:

  • KSBN Online Application and fee(s)
  • Registration and Payment of Fees to Pearson Vue

An applicant, who fails to pass the examination more than two (2) years of graduation, but less than five (5) years of graduation, will need to submit a completed petition to the board for permission to retake the examination. This must been done every time you need to retest during this timeframe.

An applicant who fails to pass the examination within 5 years of graduation can no longer submit a petition for retesting; they must retake a nursing program before permission will be given to retake the examination. 

The authorization to test comes from Pearson Vue via email.

Check Status of Kansas License/Print a Copy of License

Access the KSBN website and click on “license verification database” and click “begin searching” (green button under picture of mobile devices) then select the tab for the way you would like to search, either “Search by License Number” or “Search by Name”.  Once your license has been issued or renewed it will display here with updates. You can print a current copy of your license anytime from this site free of charge.

Online Initial, Endorsement & Reinstatment Applications