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Home > Reinstatement Application Frequently Asked Questions

Reinstatement Application Frequently Asked Questions

Most Frequently Asked Reinstatement Questions

Q. My license expired at the end of last month, what should I do?

A: Print and complete the Reinstatement Application from the Forms section at

Q: Why do I need a Temporary Permit?

A: If you DO NOT have your 30 hours of continuing nursing education you can apply for a temporary permit which will allow you 120 days to meet the requirements. You are allowed to work with the Temporary Permit as long as long as it is active.

Q: Will I receive a Temporary Permit?

A: Yes, when requested on the application with appropriate fee, unless you have disqualifying factors. The granting of Temporary Permits is discretionary.

Q: Will the CNE provider send my 30 hours to KSBN?

A. No, you are responsible for submitting your original certificates to KSBN.

Q: What is meant by approved CNE?

A: CNE providers approved by any state Board of Nursing or any nationally recognized Nursing organization such as ANCC or AANA or a course approved through the individual offering approval (IOA) process.

Q: My license lapsed more than 5 years ago, what should I do to reinstate it?

A: Any applicant whose Kansas license has lapsed for more than five years beyond its expiration date may reinstate the license by submitting evidence of:

  • Current licensure in another jurisdiction which requires completion of a number of contact hours of continuing nursing education for license renewal which are equivalent to or greater than the number of hours required in Kansas or

  • Licensure in another jurisdiction sometime during the preceding five-year period, and completion of 30 contact hours of approved continuing nursing education within the preceding two-year period or

  • Satisfactory completion of a refresher course approved by the board


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