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Home > Verification to Employer Frequently Asked Questions

Verification to Employer Frequently Asked Questions

Most Frequently Asked Verification to Employer Questions

Q. How much does it cost to verify my license to an employer?

A: It costs $1.50 per license and per employer. If the license is active there is a free online verification at

Q: How is payment made for license verification?

A: We accept cash, check and money order payments only.

Q: How long does it take to get a verification sent to the employer?

A: Verifications are mailed out within three business days of receiving the request and payment.

Q: I would like to have both my Registered Nurse and Nurse Practitioner license verified. Do I just send $1.50 to have them verified?

A. Our fee is $1.50 per license so you would send $3.00 for both licenses to be verified to the employer.

Q: Is there a form I need to fill out and submit?

A: We do not have a standard form. A letter for the employer is acceptable.

Q: Can I have the employee verification faxed to the employer?

A: Yes, the fee to have a verification faxed to an employer is $2.00 per license per employer.

Q: Can I fax the employment verification request to the board of nursing?

A: No, faxed employment verifications will not be processed without the fee.

Q: What information is included in license verification?

A: Employment Verifications contain the license number, nurse name, profession, original issue date, expiration date and alert code if one exists for the license. If the license is for a LPN with IV Certification, that information will also be displayed.

Q: How do I verify a Temporary Work Permit?

A: Fax a request for a verification of a Temporary Work Permit to us on employer letterhead at 785-296-3929. We will fax the response back within three business days.


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