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Program Management

Coordinator: The intravenous therapy course coordinator shall meet the following requirements: (1) be licensed as a registered professional nurse; (2) be responsible for the development and implementation of the intravenous fluid therapy courses; and (3) have experience in intravenous fluid therapy and knowledge of the intravenous therapy standards. KAR 60-16-104(d)

Faculty: Each primary faculty member shall meet the following requirements: (A) Be currently licensed to practice as a registered nurse in Kansas; (B) have clinical experience within the past 5 years that includes intravenous fluid therapy; and (C) maintain competency in intravenous fluid therapy. KAR 60-16-104(E)(1)

Each guest lecturer shall have professional preparation and qualification for the specific subject area in which that individual instructs. KAR 60-16-104(E)(2)

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Mechanism through which the provider will determine that each licensed practical nurse seeking to take the course meets the admission criteria.

To be eligible to enroll in an intravenous fluid therapy course, the individual shall be a nurse with a current license. KAR 60-16-104 c

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Each classroom shall contain sufficient space, equipment, and teaching aides to meet the course objectives. 60-16-104 f (1)

The facility in which the clinical practice and competency examinations are conducted shall allow the students and faculty access to the intravenous fluid therapy equipment and intravenous fluid therapy recipients, and to the pertinent records for the purpose of documentation. 60-16-104 f (2)

There shall be a signed, written agreement between the provider and the cooperating healthcare facility that specifies the roles, responsibilities, and liabilities of each party. This written agreement shall not be required if the only health care facility to be used is also the provider. 60-16-104 f (3)

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The course shall consist of at least 30 hours of instruction and require at least 8 hours of supervised clinical practice, which shall include at least one successful peripheral venous access procedure and the initiation of an intravenous infusion treatment modality on an individual. KAR 60-16-104 b (1) & (2)

The board-approved intravenous fluid therapy curriculum shall be the following standards of the infusion nurses society’s supplement titles "infusion nursing standards of practice" volume 34, number 1S, dated January/February 2011, which are herby adopted by reference. KAR 60-16-104 g (1)

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The final written competency examination shall be constructed from the board-approved pool of test questions and shall be based on the board-approved test plan. KAR 60-16-104 h (1)(A)

The final written competency examination shall consist of at least 50 questions and shall require a passing grade of 80 percent or above. KAR 60-16-104 h (1)(B)

The final clinical competency examination shall require successful completion of the procedures on the board-approved competency checklist. KAR 60-16-104 h (2)

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For each long-term program provider, the IV therapy course provider number shall be printed on the certificates and the course roster, along with the long-term provider number. 60-16-103 b (7)(A)

For each single offering program provider, the single program application shall be completed. There shall be no cost to this provider for the initial single offering providership. 60-16-103 b (7)(B)

Sample copies of roster and certificate of completion must be attached.

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Continuing education providers shall award at least 32 contact hours to each LPN who completes the course. Continuing education providers may award 20 contact hours, one time only, to each RN who completed the course.

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60-16-103 d

After Initial Approval, each change in the course shall be provided to the board for approval before the change is implemented.

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The faculty shall complete the final record sheet, which shall include competencies and scores.

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The intravenous fluid therapy course coordinator shall:

Award a certificate to each licensed nurse documenting successful completion of both the final written competency examination and the final clinical competency examination. 60-16-104 i (2)(A)

Submit to the Board, within 15 days, a typed, alphabetized roster listing the name and license number of each individual who has successfully completed the course and the date of completion. Use Board approved standardized roster. 60-16-104 i (2)(B)

Verify that you will maintain the records of each individual who has successfully completed the course for a period of at least five years. 60-16-104 i (2)(C)

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Each IV Therapy course coordinator shall submit to the board an annual report for the period of July 1 through June 30 of the respective year that includes the total number of licensees taking the intravenous fluid therapy course, the number passing the course, and the number of courses held.

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Note: Each applicant must attach all documents required by KAR 60-16-103 b


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